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Mimir is a UK based company specialising in high level, transformative leadership training across sectors, around the world.

Mimir is partnering with organisations to improve their work culture
– Use the industries best practices, lessons learned and trends, while designing a tailored solution that delivers value to the client and meets the client’s needs and expectations
– Help align the organisation, its people, and their actions with the identified critical business imperatives and their related objectives
– Support in achieving sustainable performance improvements

– Assess, plan and execute the needed activities to promote and help ensure adoption and utilisation of change
– Excellent communication skills and love to solve complex challenges and taking on the hard stuff.

MIMIR delivers empowering and measurably effective training and coaching that is proven to increase productivity and profitability. From groundbreaking business team coaching to profound programmes designed to encourage people.

By releasing untapped leadership qualities through powerful and innovative methods.

MIMIR uses evidence-based psychological techniques developed by globally leading professors at Harvard University, as well as years of experience to coach.  Mimir coaches is trained in Change management coaching, and our approach and courses are internationally recognised and accredited.

MIMIR offers a unique style and methodology. Our approach to coaching is established on the entire person bringing together personal goals with the goals of the organisation to create a sustainable behaviour change.

It’s this careful goal alignment that delivers noticeable and real results for senior executives, leaders and managers, teams and the companies employing them.

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Our mission is to assist in the evolution of individuals and transform organisations…

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