International relocations are hard.

Do you experience

  • sleeplessness

  • under- or overeating

  • reduced self-esteem

  • loneliness

  • struggling at work

  • frustration towards your kids or partner

  • culture difference

  • language barriers

  • missing friends and family back home

yeah- you are not alone!

Being an expatriate our self, we have the first-hand experience how hard it can be to relocate to a new country.

The world you knew so well is not there anymore, and you have to navigate into an unknown terrarium. It can often feel overwhelming.

How do I deal with being without my family, maybe for the first time not working and what about the new school system?It’s so many new challenges.

Talking to a coach who is an expatriates and been through many moves and some of changes you are facing now, can help you to find your path and help you to thrive in your new host country.

Coaching for expatiates is about facilitating positive change and to help you navigate and enjoy your new life to the full!

Our mission is to assist in the evolution of individuals and transform organisations…

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