What is Immunity to change™ Coaching ( ITC)?

The ITC ™ Coaching method is developed byleading Harvard Change Management professors (Kegan and Lahey).

The framework is used worldwide by leading organisations and public bodies, and featured in multiple publications, including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Conscious Business, New York Times and Oprah.

The ITC™ coaching process will uncover what has or could hold you back from reaching your goal, despite your sincere intentions. In building an ITC™ map we go deeper than traditional competency and skills based coaching, to show you specifically how key aspects of your “inner game” are generating the holes in your “outer game”. The coaching process will help you find what internal roadblocks stand in your way, hindering you from reaching your goals.

You will get an insight into what thoughts, preconceptions and feelings subconsciously control you.

The approach builds upon research on Adult Development theory. One of the key aspects of the approach is in its core belief that there is no absolute reality. We construct our reality through experiencing, interpreting and building upon our surroundings.

Research in this field further shows that our ability to be present in our experienced reality can develop over time. Thus we have the ability to develop increased consciousness, providing us with a completely different understanding of the reality surrounding us.

It is here the capacity to develop our ability to handle complex challenges lies.

We will work through different exercises in the ITC™ Coaching process to improve your capacity to handle increasingly complex tasks.

Difficulties can arise at work as a leader, through close relations, or in the unfolding of our own lives.

Throughout the process, we will work with tearing down inappropriate thought patterns, thereby creating a new reality based on self-awareness and complexity.

Our mission is to assist in the evolution of individuals and transform organisations…

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