We offer a a range of workshops

Change Management Workshop

A highly effective, structured process for making adaptive changes. This workshop will help you to uncover the beliefs that comprise your immunity (resistance) to change and provides a way for you to remove the blocks preventing you from achieving transformational change.


• Raising team spirit • Roles and types • Effectiveness • Communication • Creative processes • High-performance team

Communication Workshop

• Feedback • Conflict resolution • Power vs. influence • Difficult conversation • Understanding emotion

Coaching Leader Workshop

Developing a coaching style as a leader to delivers better engagement, communication and bottom-line results. Leadership is characterised by partnership and collaboration. Learn to give up command and control and give way to collaboration and creativity. Learn to give feedback and create learning, self-motivation. Instead of one brain driving the show, coaching leadership connects the minds (and hearts!) of the whole team, and trusts them to deliver outstanding performance.


• Culture awareness and diversity • Challenges in international and intercultural teams • Culture and diversity

Our mission is to assist in the evolution of individuals and transform organisations…

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