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Strong leadership requires self – awareness and understanding how the patterns of our thinking influence our actions as leaders and how it translates into a productive – or counterproductive – leadership style.

A Complete System For Leadership Development

The Leadership Circle 360 support leadership transformation—a change that evolves authentically from the inside out.

Mimir offer tools, methodology, and support for deepening the conversation with leaders so that change can occur on a deep, significant, life-altering level.

There is no substitute for effective leadership. To develop more effective leaders and do it more rapidly and sustainably, you need a more comprehensive approach.

The Leadership Circle 360 has taken the best of what has been learned over the last half-century and woven it into the first Unified Theory of Leadership Development to arise in the field.

Based on this unique framework, Mimir offers a complete and integrated System of Leadership Development.

The Leadership Circle Profile

The only competency-based 360° profile that measures two primary leadership domains—Creative Leadership Competencies and Reactive Tendencies.

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The Leadership Culture Survey

Delivers a powerful “MRI” of the leadership culture for a specific team or for your entire organisation.

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Leadership System

An integrated and complete system for enhancing the effectiveness of individual and collective leadership for your entire organization.

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Our mission is to assist in the evolution of individuals and transform organisations…

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